Sunday, November 13, 2005

bye pybloxsom, hi Wordpress

So, after a long time not blogging (as always, because of lack of time, urge to post something worth reading by other people), I've decided to switch to Wordpress, to allow easy posts (I'm becoming more addicted to web applications, when they are done properly, like Flickr for instance) and to reduce load (pyblosxom was causing a new python process to be started for each access) and improve security on my personal web server (I got hacked earlier this year by awstats vulnerability, fortunately, I noticed very quickly and no harm was done) by reducing the various web components running on it. Modifying Workpress template to get the same look and feel wasn't very difficult and I have even added some javascript magic to integrate Flickr and in the Wordpress sidebar. BTW, if you were using RSS feed, new url is now . Each time I changed my blog software, I said I'd blog more. Each time, I failed. Let's see if I can do better this time ;)

Bouncy balls
Bouncy balls
While writing this post, I just saw Sony latest TV ads which was covered last summer in San Franscico on Flickr (check also there ). I really love flickr..

As a lot of developpers, I ordered my N770 three weeks ago and I'm enjoying it a lot. I did some photos to compare it with my Palm T3 (no need to comment about the photo quality, I know some of them suck). Now, we are 5 in Mandriva Paris building to have a N770 and 3 in the same office as me (Sam and Arnaud, stop hacking your N770 and say hi ..). It was quite funny to notice N770 was already out of stocks for french and german version in the afternoon it was available for public purchase. Since then, it is out of stock for ALL european countries. Let's hope it means it will be a success. I did a french review of it on "Le Refuge" which can be read here. I plan to summarize and translate it in the near future.

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