Sunday, June 12, 2005

Flames, gallery migration, Nokia and travel

Wow, I didn't thought I would start such an active flame^Wthread on desktop-devel about GTK 2.8 and GNOME 2.12 by explaining my concerns but in the end, the important points were raised, discussed and understood by everybody so we will have a rocking (c)jdub GNOME 2.12 release.
I've just finished migrating all my photos to my Flickr account. It was much easier than I expected, because you can upload a bunch of pictures at the same time by just using curl (for people interested, just use curl -F email='your_login' -F password='your_password' -F photo="@photo.jpg" -F tags="space separated list of tags" -F async=1 et voilĂ ). I was nice to review some of the photos, but I really need to comment and tags all pictures. And this time, I was able to get mod_rewrite working to redirect all requests to flickr.
I've also send an application for Nokia 770 Developer Device Program (Arnaud, our Mandriva kernel hacker who is doing ARM development on his iPaq on his spare time also applied), we'll see if we are eligible (and fund GNOME Foundation at the same time :)
Travel is approaching, take-off is Monday morning and I still haven't packed my stuff. Maybe I should do that instead of blogging.

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