Friday, June 4, 2004

Turkey, Monitor and Linux

I'm back from a great 12 day tour in Turkey (with visit of Istanbul and Capadocia, among other things). I did more than 400 photos but I haven't finished triaging all of them (and it will be hard to delete some from Capadocia).
Last month, my LCD monitor started again to act strangely like 4 months ago, so I decided to send it back for repair, just before leaving for Turkey. And happily, I received a new one this morning (I came back from Turkey yesterday) so I only had to use my TV screen as a monitor for three days (and trust me, using 800x600 with 20 pixel font with a somehow blurry screen is not nice at all).
Linux in random shop (follow-up)
I went back to my local optician this afternoon (they still didn't received my new contact lenses :( and I asked about the KDE system I saw last time I went there. So, they are really running Linux, are quite happy with it (but not with the proprietary application they use to connect to their store managing system) and this system is used in about 12 shops which are owned by the same company (this is not a requirement from their franchise, called Afflelou).

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