Thursday, January 1, 2004

Happy New Year, etc..

First, before I forget Happy New Year folks :)
I spent one week at Christmas in my family house with my mom and I could enjoy viewing for a second time both LOTR 1 & 2 (full edition) and Dune and Children of Dune (and also playing a lot to Jak 2 on my PS2 :)
Last week wasn't a busy week at the office (only two days of work, mainly reading emails), I celebrated New Eve with friends and when we woke up (at 9:00 by the 9 month old baby of my friends), there was snow all around.. Really nice.
Today, I was able to push a new metacity theme named Galaxy2 by our marketing people, which is a small evolution from the original Galaxy metacity theme.
Havoc, you should read your email :) I sent you, before Christmas, my first fixes for desktop-file-utils so it almost validates menu-spec 0.8. I was able to work on it today and I'm hoping to really fix the remaining non-compliance this week... But I must confess d-f-u should be released with aspirin :)
On the hardware side, my LCD monitor is doing strange things again : I had the following problem only from time to time and it was disappearing after 30 mins of activity. The problem rans away but last thursday, I got this : . Problably the snow version of the initial problem. It disappeared after 45mins and I didn't get it back until now. I know I have to return my LCD monitor but it is the only monitor I have at home. So, I'll have to plug my tranquilPC on my TV set and use 40px fonts for two weeks :((

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