Wednesday, August 6, 2003


I'm a little late on this subject, but I think it can be interesting for other people to know.
Three weeks ago, I ordered a TranquilPC to replace my firewall/webserver/mailserver/whatever system. It served well its purpose (Pentium MMX 233, running Mdk 9.1+MNF) but it was too much
noisy, since I live in 2-rooms flat. So, after one or two months wondering, I ordered it three weeks ago in England (official distributor
is After 1.5 week waiting with no tracking number received, I contacted them and they apologized because my order was stucked between their credit card company database and their own order database without them notificing (According to Mini-ITX, it was the first time their developers saw this problem.. Maybe I should switch to Mdk QA then :).. Anyway, my order went back on track and I received it last Wednesday.
I had to buy a UK/Continental Europe plug converter but it is now up and running, and it is really great. I've taken some photos of it.. Currently, it is only doing firewall/webserver/mailserver but I
intend to also use it as my own media center and maybe PVR if tests are successful (ie if my TV card is doing correct capture and if the system has enough CPU to handle it).
Anyway, I'm very impressed with the system : it is small, completely silent (no fan, the only mechanical (noisy) part is my hard-drive, and
I've used a very silent one (Barracuda IV).
If you have any question about it, don't hesitate, I'll be happy to answer :)

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